Additional Details

Our Goal:

We are providing this web site so that you can easily share your media (pictures, videos, document files, text files, etc.) with only those that you choose and we want you to be able to do it at a reasonable price. You provide the content while we provide all of the formatting and security. This is a Christian run company, so all content will conform to Christian values of decensy and civility. All content will be managed by both the Administrator (designees from A and A Software) and Account Managers (volunteer participants designated for each Account).


MyWebViewer is an annual subscription. The subscription rate is $10.00 per year for the service. This includes the first 100 gigabytes of content and upto 20 folders (sometimes referred to as albums). The next 100 gigabytes and each succeeding 100 gigabytes is an additional $20.00 per year. Essentially, when you exceed each 100 gigabytes you are automatically reserving the next 100 gigabytes.
The caveat is two fold. First, it is the Account that is charged. Any participant can pay for the incurred charges. Secondly, the charges are only accrued annually on the calendar month of the Account inception. So, to summarize, an Account that is started on a particular month will accrue its annual subscription charges only on that particular month each year. In other words, an Account that exceeds its subscription of 100 gigabytes prior to its month of inception, will only accrue the charge on the month of inception.


Viewing is accessable by everyone and anyone. What we have set up is a process where you, the Account participant, can designate the viewing accessability for each media item that you have uploaded onto the site for your Account. This also means that each Account participant is designated with a particular level of access. What it boils down to is that the media viewed by an individual meets two criteria. The viewer has an access level equal to or better than the designated access established for the media being viewed. Those that are a "Visitor" to an Account are at the lowest level of access and may not be allowed to see anything.