About Us

- Who is My Web Viewer:

  • Two home grown computer programmers that started with the Commodore 64 back in the early 70's. Our curiosity and aggressive exploration into the latest computer developments has developed our keen ability to grasp the latest in technologies. We are ready to take your idea and create a software application that best meets your need.

- Our specialty:

  • We found ourselves moving from the Commodore series of computers to the Windows OS based computers early in life. Focussing primarily on executable software and also web page presentation. Our interest in the web led us to the graphical interface of Flash and now to Java script. Our software ambitions progressed us into the realm of Internet database (SQL and PHP) and communication (Http, POP3, and IMAP). All of this gives us the capability to create interactivity in all of our applications.

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142 Cheri Court Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367 phone: (314) 779-7132