Additional Details

Our Goal:

We are providing this web site so that you can easily share your media (pictures, videos, document files, text files, etc.) with only those that you choose and we want you to be able to do it at a reasonable price. You provide the content while we provide all of the formatting and security. This is a Christian run company, so all content will conform to Christian values of decensy and civility. All content will be managed by both the Administrator (designees from A and A Software) and Account Managers (volunteer participants designated for each Account).


MyWebViewer is an annual subscription. The subscription rate is $20.00 per year for the service. This includes the first 10 gigabytes of content and upto 20 folders (sometimes referred to as albums). The next 10 gigabytes and each succeeding 10 gigabytes is an additional $10.00 per year. Essentially, when you exceed each 10 gigabytes, any time during the subscription year, you are automatically reserving the next 10 gigabytes. Payment for the additional 10 gigabytes and/or any other services during the year will not become due until the annual subscription inseption date arrives. At which point the Account will be charged for all additional charges incurred throughout the past subscription year plus the new annual subscripton rate for the year to come. 10 gigabytes is roughly equivalent to 10,000 megabytes, or if each picture is 1 megabyte in size, then roughly 10,000 pictures.
The caveat is two fold. First, it is the Account that is charged. Any participant in the Account can pay for the incurred charges. Secondly, all additional charges, during the subscription year, do not become due until the subscription date (month and day) arrives for the Account. Once the subscription date arrives, the Account is billed for the prorated charges of the past year and the new subscription basis for the year to come. For example: An Account that exceeds its subscription of 10 gigabytes by as little as 1,000 bytes, one month after the subscription date (month and day), will only be charged the portion of the additional charge (11 months) on the subscription date. So, subscription charges will be the previous years added charges plus the new annual subscription rate (in this example: $18.34 for the 11 months for the 2nd 10 gigabytes plus $20 for the base rate and $20 for the new added 10 gigabyte storage = $58.34). On the assumption that this Account does not ever add any additional charges, all subsiquent years charges will be $40.00 ($20.00 for the base rate and $20.00 for using more than 10 gigabytes and not exceeding 20 gigabytes).
On the flip side, if an Account down-sizes its gigabyte size below the Subscription level (not applicable for the first 10 gigabytes), the pro-rated amount will be reduced from the next annual Subscription and the new Subscription basis will be set.


Viewing is accessable by everyone and anyone. Yet, all viewers are designated at a specific level of access. There are 6 levels of access:
  • (1) Managers - (Account) May add and remove media, and any User from the Account.                 (User = Participants, family members, associates, friends, guests, etc...)
  • (2) Participants - (Family members, organizers, or executives) May add and remove media.
  • (3) Friends - May only view media that meets their level of access.
  • (4) Guests - May only view media that meets their level of access.
  • (5) Visitors - (registered) - Includes every registered User and may only view media that meets their level of access.
  • (6) Visitors (not registered) - Includes everyone else and may only view media that meets their level of access.
  • What we have set up is a process where you, the Account Participant, can designate the viewing accessability for each media item that you have uploaded onto the site for your Account. This also means that each Account Participant is designated with a particular level of access. What it boils down to is that the media viewed by an individual meets two criteria.
    • The viewer has been personally approved at a specific access level for that particular Account.
    • The viewer's designated access level is equal to or better than the designated access level established for the media being viewed.
    Note that anyone can be a "Visitor" while accessing an Account. Visitors are the lowest level of access and may not be allowed to see anything unless the provider of the media has designated viewing to everyone.


    Registration is the process that puts you into the MyWebViewer system. It is primarily used to verify your email address and to allow others, in the system, to recognize you. In order to be associated with or be a Participant in any Account, you will need to be recognized by an Account Participant. Also, you will need to be registered in order to start your own Account.


    In this day and age, security is very opaque. If a person wanted to penetrate a secure web site, it would only take the right knowledge, software, and/or equipment to accomplish their goal. So, the question becomes: Is the value being secured worth their time and expense to gain access? If your not an institution that handles money, then probably not.
    MyWebViewer uses PayPal to handle all financial transactions. We are confident in the security measures that they provide for all transactions.
    As for our own security, I am confident that your media is quite safe from unwanted intruders. You need to remember several factors:
  • That it is up to each Account's participants that designate access to others, to be vigilant regarding how much access is aloud.
  • That once an individual views the media on their device, it is firmly on their device and can be desiminated or manipulated in any way.
  • The access level for each media item must be set appropriately.
  • The only income derived by the MyWebViewer web site is through expenses incurred by each Account. That means that we do not dissiminate your information of any kind to anyone without your permission.